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Local groups plan rendezvous with Pope Francis in Philadelphia – Georgia Bulletin

Georgia Tech’s Catholic Center also plans to make a whirlwind bus trip to Philadelphia.
There is currently a waiting list for the trip, and Georgia Tech chaplain Father Joshua Allen said 47 students have registered.
The Georgia Tech bus will depart from Atlanta the evening of Thursday, Sept. 24.
The “simple-stay” option trip requires students to bring sleeping bags and pillows for a cost of $250 for the trip. Money for meals is considered extra.
“We have chartered a bus. We’re sleeping on some community center floor in Philly,” said Father Allen.
If availability on the bus opens up, students will be offered a spot based on the order of registration for the waiting list.
Additional pilgrimage planning meetings will be held after classes resume next month.
“We are really excited about it. It’s like having a World Youth Day opportunity for a tiny fraction of the cost,” said Father Allen. “I’m looking forward to it myself … just to see the students as they encounter the Holy Father for the first time will really be special.”

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