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No Masses or confessions August 5-17
Fall Mass Schedule begins Sunday, August 19th

Good Tidings – November 2-8, 2015

G(ood) T(idings)


CSO Pillar Positions

Interested in helping around the Catholic Center? Looking for a way to give back?

Applications for pillar positions are now open!  These roles helpplan spiritual and service programs and build the community that makes the Catholic Center.  Further info is available.

A Way to Help on Thanksgiving

Local families can host international students stuck here over break. More info about the SGA-sponsored program.

Apologetics – 8 pm

Father Josh presents the foundations of moral theology. “What is moral theology?” you ask.
Umm I don’t know.. why ask me? I’m not Father Josh, chaplain extraordinaire of Georgia Tech. I’m not the prodigal son returned to his former school on a mission of great faith. You want to know what moral theology is? Show up in the basement today (Monday) at 8 pm.

Encountering Christ – 7 pm

Meet in the CC Basement on Thursday at 7 pm to learn more about how to win the battle of prayer and weapons for it. Let us together aim our hearts towards Christ.

Trivia Knight – 7 pm

Teamwork is important. Teamwork helps you win that one playoff game that you talk about for the rest of your life. “Teamwork” helps you pass that homework because that one smart kid on your “team” knows how to do it.
The same is true at the Knights of Columbus’ Trivia Knight. If you want to win, your team chemistry must be better than a Chem 1310 level. Next Friday, you’re invited to an intense competition of Trivia. But remember: teamwork makes the dream work.

Bacon & Cigar Night – 8 pm

Calling all men: Join the men of GT’s Catholic Community for some meat eating and cigar smoking. The event is begins Saturday, November 7th, from 8 pm to 1 am on the CC patio. No agenda. No program. No message. Just bacon and cigars. Activities include: the eating of an obscene amount and variety of bacon, smoking fine cigars by the fire-pit, and drinking beer and whiskey like only Catholic gentlemen can. Come whenever, leave whenever.


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