Sunday: 9:30AM, 11:30AM, 5PM, & 9PM | Daily 5:30PM MTRF | W Comm. Service 5:30PM
No Masses or confessions August 5-17
Fall Mass Schedule begins Sunday, August 19th

Good Tidings – November 23-29, 2015



G(ood) T(idings)


Masses over Break 

Due to Thanksgiving Break, the Mass schedule will have the following changes:

  • No Daily Mass on Wednesday or Friday
  • A special 1 pm Mass on Thanksgiving Day
  • Vigil Mass after the uga-GT game (4 pm or half an hour after the game if the game goes past 3:30 pm)

Graduation Party

Are you graduating this semester? The community at the Catholic Center would like to celebrate your accomplishment! Whether you think you’ll go or not, your response will help make the party awesome. Congratulations!

The Talk – Men – 7:30 pm

For men: Fr. Josh and Fr. Brian Baker discuss porn, sex, and maintaining Christ-centered relationships. No ladies or small children allowed.

Thanksgiving Feast – 2 pm

Staying on campus this Thanksgiving? Still want to eat turkey and stuffing? I wish there was some organization on campus that solved that problem. Wait a second… what’s that really cool flyer below?
Friends of all shapes, creeds, haircuts, pants, and shoe sizes are invited, and RSVP‘s are greatly appreciated.

u[sic]ga Game Tailgate – 10 am

Burgers, hot dogs, brownies, lemonade, GT fans, school spirit: All of these are things at the CC’s tailgate.

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