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Lilly Endowment Awards $99,500 Grant to The Georgia Tech Catholic Center



January 19, 2016

Contact:  Paula Gwynn Grant

Director of Communications

(470) 558-6420

Lilly Endowment Awards $99,500 Grant to The Georgia Tech Catholic Center


ATLANTA— The Georgia Tech Catholic Center has been awarded a $99,500 grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. to pursue its plan to promote vocations to the priesthood, consecrated life, and marriage.   Lilly Endowment recently announced its list of recipients for its Campus Ministries Theological Exploration of Vocation initiative.  The Georgia Tech Catholic Center was among the 53 private campus ministries at 49 public universities to receive grants.

The Georgia Tech Catholic Center program will focus on the theological concept of vocation—the recognition that each individual is called to life of generous service in the Church according to the particular gifts God has given to them.    The 5-year initiative will focus on retreats, mission trips and other faith-based service, internship opportunities, and seminary visits. This award only goes to fund new initiatives for vocations, not for normal operating expenses.


“We look forward to seeing what the next five years will bring for the Church and the Georgia Tech Catholic Center.  We are grateful to the folks at Lilly Endowment for entrusting us with such a generous grant,” said Fr. Josh Allen, chaplain at The Georgia Tech Catholic Center.


“I am particularly happy to have a plan that takes a well-balanced approach to vocations.  We do a reasonably good job at Georgia Tech of promoting vocations to the priesthood.  We currently have 8 men studying for the priesthood who are recent graduates from Tech, several men applying to seminary, and over 30 priests who have attended Tech prior to their seminary formation,” said Fr. Allen. “We support individuals called to marriage, but we need to do a better job in remote preparation for these young people to be able to offer themselves in a marriage that will be free, total, faithful, and fruitful.”  


“Theology of the Body has been particularly helpful in this regard, and we look forward to teaming with organizations such as Dumb Ox ministries to further promote and propose this important teaching of John Paul II,” Fr. Allen said.   


“Where we have not done well is in promoting vocations to the religious life, especially for women.  One of the fundamental needs in discerning a vocation is proximity to those who are living it.  Atlanta has faithful religious sisters serving in various capacities, but there are not many, and it takes a significant effort to even encounter them occasionally.  We look forward to inviting women religious to offer missions and other spiritually enriching workshops and encounters at Georgia Tech with the assistance of this grant.”




About The Georgia Tech Catholic Center


The Georgia Tech Catholic Center has been a visible force on the Georgia Tech Campus for nearly 85 years.  They are located on 4th street, in the heart of the Georgia Tech campus, since 1985.    They are said to be one of the most active centers in the United States.


The Mission of the Georgia Tech Catholic Center is to provide a community for Georgia Tech Students, Faculty, and Friends to encounter Christ in the Liturgy, the Sacraments, Formation and Discipleship, and Christian Service.  They strive to form intentional disciples of our Lord.   Because they are uniquely a center dedicated to the Georgia Tech community and most specifically students, they focus all of their energies on student engagement, formation, and catechesis.


The Georgia Tech Catholic Center is 100% self-funded and receives no assistance from the Archdiocese of Atlanta or Georgia Tech.   They rely entirely on the generosity of benefactors who provide the financial means to keep the doors open.


Intended to be a home away from home and a retreat from the challenges of academic life at Georgia Tech, through the Sacraments, fellowship, theological study, and spiritual direction, the Catholic Center is here to help students navigate through the challenging and vulnerable college years, as they seek to live a Christ-centered life at Georgia Tech and beyond.


Everyone is welcome at The Georgia Tech Catholic Center.