Chapel Campaign

Our Case Statement

‘Beauty Will Save The World’ is our campaign theme. Pope John Paul II described the saving power of beauty as one illuminating the path toward truth and goodness. Similarly, Pope Benedict wrote that the light of beauty is meant to illuminate the path toward the light of faith. Through our Chapel Campaign, we seek to enhance the beauty of our chapel to further reflect the Glory of God. We endeavor to bring beauty into the world that inspires and transforms hearts and souls.

Why are we renovating the Chapel? And why now?

Because beauty moves people. A chapel – where we celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – should be a place that transports us from our worldly concerns into the heavenly realms. We want to give our students a glimpse of heaven in this hectic and disordered world and inspire them to deepen their faith.

Because beauty has the power to evangelize. We want to inspire our students to bring the beauty of their faith into the world and spread it. We want the chapel at the Catholic Center to be the heart of Georgia Tech – a heart filled with love and zeal for souls.

We hope that you will be part of this mission – of this effort to bring beauty to Georgia Tech, and to turn the Catholic Center into the beating heart of evangelization for the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

Our Goal

To raise an additional $500,000 by Sumer 2021 to complete Phase II and Phase III of the chapel renovation. (Phase I is complete and was fully funded).

Chapel Campaign Prospectus

Renderings of Renovated Chapel

Bird's Eye view:

View of the new sanctuary:

Project Plan

Phase I Renovation Video

Upcoming Events

Save the Date!   Friday, March 1st, 2019