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Faith Formation Pillar

Current Program Offerings

  • FOCUS Bible StudiesExplore Sacred Scripture weekly in the context of a small group community
  • GT ApologeticsDeep, often historical, always interesting dives into the tough Catholic questions
  • GT Catechesis – Join GT Catholic Catechesis as we learn more about the Catholic Faith from the Catechism
  • GT Theology of the BodyGod’s plan for life, love, and sexuality; why are we made male and female?
  • renewMonthly Praise and Worship w/ Eucharistic Adoration
  • RCIAAre you interested in becoming Catholic or just want to learn more?
  • Retreats – Each semester we take time to get away and grow in communion with God and each other
The Faith Formation Pillar aims to teach the faithful why being Catholic is awesome!
What is my purpose in life? What is the nature of Truth? Is the Church even relevant?
If you have ever doubted or questioned, thank you for your intellectual honesty.
Faith Formation programming seeks to provide our community with Catholic answers to the big questions.
Warning: Minds have been blown at the intersection of Faith and Reason.
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