Giving Opportunities

The Georgia Tech Catholic Center is a 501(c)3 organization. Federal Tax ID number 45-3659617. The GTCC is listed in the Official Catholic Directory (Kennedy). If you need further designation information or to discuss any of the following giving opportunities., please email Chris Martineck at 

Annual Fund Drive

Each year since its inception in 1986, the Annual Fund Drive has helped to provide for the operating costs of keeping the Catholic Center open.  Unrestricted gifts to the annual fund are critical to meeting the Center’s expenses such as programming, utilities, salaries and insurance, while providing a tax benefit to the donor.

Endowment Fund

Established in 2010 and managed by the Catholic Foundation of North Georgia (, the Endowment Fund will enable the GTCC to secure a strong financial future and to continue to expand our ministry and outreach to the students of Georgia Tech.  A gift to the endowment will have an everlasting impact on our students, as only the interest income is used, leaving the corpus intact to continue to grow our future.  Our goal is to provide an endowment that will perpetually pay the salary and benefits of a dedicated priest and operating expenses of the Center.

Capital Fund

Our beautiful center is 35 years old and showing her age.  Each year, capital improvements and maintenance are necessary to keep the Center safe and appealing to the students we serve.  In the last 7 years we have painted, remodeled the bathrooms, remodeled the community kitchen, remodeled the lobby and added a coffee bar and expanded the Fr. Mario Plaza.  We also renovated the main chapel, remodeled the kitchen and guest room in the rectory, and replaced 3 of the 4 HVAC systems. Many more projects need to be done to keep the Catholic Center safe and to enhance its aesthetics.

Chaplain’s Choice

A gift that is designated as “Chaplain’s Choice” will allow our chaplain to use those funds to best meet the needs of the Catholic Center and the students.

Event Sponsor

The opportunities to sponsor an event or activity at the Center is nearly unlimited.  Some ideas include:

  • Community dinners
  • Retreats
  • Guest speakers
  • Tailgates before football games
  • Welcome Back Cookout
  • March for Life
  • Valentine’s Day Dinner

Call us at (404) 892-6759 to discuss what you would like to do to help keep the Catholic Center’s ministries going strong.

Gifts in Kind

We appreciate that meaningful gifts can be made as gifts-in-kind.  We would be grateful to talk with you about how you might make a gift-in-kind offering that will benefit the GTCC such as:

  • Office furniture or equipment 
  • Food for events
  • Services (such as painting, plumbing, electrical, landscaping)