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March for Life 2016

 m4L cover photo 2016

Every year on the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision there is a national protest in Washington, D.C. where thousands come to March for Life.

Each January 22nd, the Georgia Tech Students for Life organization brings a group of students who are sacrificing sleep, comfort, and valuable study time for the right to life of the unborn. This year, the Georgia Tech Catholic Center sponsored the trip; the March fell on a Friday, so the students were planning to spend the night at a Maryland church to have an extra day (Saturday) in D.C. On Thursday, the day of departure, the reports of the incoming blizzard forced the lodging arrangements to change, with fears that this church would be inaccessible from D.C. This changed the cost of lodging from a free parish floor to quad occupancy hotel rooms for 30+ students. Thursday evening, the group boarded the bus and drove through the night in order to arrive at the National Basilica in time for the Mass for Life Friday morning. After Mass, the students checked in at the hotel before returning to the March for Life rally. As the rally was ending and the marching began, the snow started to fall.

The snow did not stop until late Saturday evening; while the students stayed active with a scavenger hunt, they were unable to leave, adding a second night to the hotel bill. Their hopes of leaving Sunday were dashed when the bus became completely snowed in, so new plans were confirmed to leave Monday morning. After the third night in the hotel, the bus driver informed the group that not only was the bus still snowed in, but there was an issue with the battery.

All of the men on the trip walked an hour to shovel the bus out of the snow and jump the battery. After the bus was finally running and the group was preparing to head home, the bus’s alternator belt snapped. This resulted in a new bus being chartered, regrettably at a significant cost.

The trip finally ended just a few hours before classes began on Tuesday, but not without incurring significant cost. The Catholic Center at Georgia Tech strives to provide the opportunities for students to grow in their faith, both personally and on a societal scale. Events like the March for Life are a great opportunity to stand up both for the Catholic faith and the dignity of human life. With the unexpected costs of the hotel rooms for three nights and chartering a second bus, this trip unfortunately ran severely over budget.


Any donations to the Catholic Center to help in covering these unanticipated costs, as well as the continued formation of college Catholics, would be greatly appreciated.

We gratefully accept cash (please do not mail cash), checks made payable to “GTCC” with March for Life written in the memo line, or by credit card using the following link:
Please select March for Life from the drop down box and put March for Life and the student’s name if sponsoring a particular student in the Optional Information box.
Once again, thank you for your generosity! We will be praying for you!