Gradstudents and Young Professionals

Welcome to the Graduate Student and Young Professional Ministry!

Our graduate student and young professionals community is a small, but personal group that works to serve the social and spiritual needs of its members.  Through service, social, and faith formation events, we offer a friendly environment for you to meet new people and share in the joys and frustrations of post-graduate life.  We are an active part of the Georgia Tech Catholic Center, and we are open to all graduate students and young professionals who are working in the Atlanta area.

Whether you are a brand new graduate student at Georgia Tech or heading into your fifth year, we have a place for you.  While most of our members are in their 20s or 30s, we welcome anyone seeking to deepen their faith and build friendship, whether single or married, a Masters or PhD student, a student or working professional, American or International. If you have children, a spouse, or significant other, we welcome them too!

We are always looking for new friends and new adventures so come check us out!

If you are looking for new friends or things to do too, you can join us at the Georgia Tech Catholic Center every other Wednesday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. We alternate between a potluck and a talk by an outside speaker.  You can see the calendar below or check the main Catholic Center calendar for more info.  We also offer small-group Bible studies every week – just send an email to the contact below, and we’ll get you set up!  We also encourage spontaneous hanging out, such as going out to dinner, hiking, seeing a show, doing a service project, and celebrating birthdays or graduations.  You are welcome to join us whenever you can! The best way to find out about these events is to simply sign up for the email list below.

We are so glad you decided to come to Atlanta/Georgia Tech and join the Catholic Center family, and we hope to see you at some of our events!

Our Mission and Vision:

To be a home and family that supports graduate students and young professionals in Atlanta  through a community that enkindles divine joy and love for our Lord, that nurtures and strengthens each person’s Faith and individual call to holiness, that encourages accountability, intentionality, and sacrifice with each other, and that pursues Truth, Hope, Light, and Love above all things.

Email List:

To sign-up for our mailing list, please register at our Google group: (click “Join this Group”)

Contact Us:

Potluck Wednesdays:
Communion service at 5:30 PM, potluck at 6:30 PM at the Catholic Center (172 4th St. NW on East Campus) in the basement.
Talk Wednesdays:
Communion service at 5:30 PM, snacks and socializing until 7 PM, talk starting at 7 PM at the Catholic Center (172 4th St. NW on East Campus).

Past Events:

Despite the fact that we are busy grad students and young professionals, we still manage to have an awful lot of fun.