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The Liturgy Pillar supports the Catholic Center by facilitating students’ growth through encounters with God primarily in the Mass and the Sacraments. In particular, the pillar includes the following:

Liturgy Servers

Under the umbrella of our liturgy servers are the following roles which are all filled by students:

The Mass Captains take “ownership” of a particular Sunday Mass, ensuring that we have all server positions filled for the Mass and supporting the Chaplain before Mass as necessary. The Sacristans are responsible for ensuring that the behind the scenes details are handled.

Music Ministry

Beauty is central to Christianity and music is an integral part of that. Headed by a music ministry coordinator, this group assists with music at each of our Sunday and special Masses through voice and instrument. Each Mass has a student leader who coordinates weekly practices with the vocalists and musicians.

Adoration Team

Adoration is a time and place of prayer and encounter with Jesus Christ. We are very blessed to have many opportunities to adore Jesus exposed in the Blessed Sacrament at the Catholic Center. Headed by an adoration coordinator, the adoration team consists both of those faithful adorers who make extensive hours of Eucharistic Adoration possible here at the Catholic Center and those students who take a more active role helping to coordinate the adoration schedule.

How to Get Involved

And finally, with all of these things, feel free to chat with or email the current Liturgy Chair ( if you’re unsure about how to get involved or where to begin.

Liturgy Officers