Caroline Nannis

Hometown:  Buford, GA
Major:  Aerospace Engineering
Year:  4th year
Patron Saint:  Saint Gianna Beretta Molla
Bio: Hello! I’m Caroline! I think that I can be summed up by my main hobbies: I love to knit, wear my bright yellow crocs, cross-stitch memes, overuse exclamation points (!), complain about school, literally spend all my time at the catholic center (no, for real, I don’t ever leave, yikes!), and I absolutely LOVE talking (hearing the sound of my own voice is music to my ears). Anyway, when I’m not at the catholic center, you can find me at my home in Buford with my 9 younger siblings. If you ever see me on campus (probably running late to class), please say hi! I crave social interaction!