Drew Donovan

Hi, my name is Drew Donovan and I am from the small town of Somers, Connecticut. I come from a great loving Catholic family of 8. I am the oldest of 6, I have 4 younger brothers and a younger sister. I grew up playing basketball and baseball. Sports have always been a big part of my life. Its been a platform that I have used to meet a lot of great people and I believe I have used a lot of my skills from the field and court in my everyday life as well. It was not until later in my college life when I realized how important my faith was. Up until then I thought of my Catholic faith as just a set of rules I had to follow to be good. In meeting students and forming new friendships in college I saw my faith as something I had to own for myself. With their help and the Holy Spirit I believe guiding me I now see my Catholic faith as one that is based not only on rules but one that has a personal relationship with Christ as the most important part. These past two years of my life I have been blessed to be working with some great college students to help them to see that as well at two different campuses. The first one being at the University of Rhode Island and recently in Atlanta here at Georgia Tech. I am an avid New England sports fan, I enjoy Reece’s Peanutbutter Cups and love chips and salsa as my go to can never have enough of snack. One interesting fact about me is that I love to swing dance, so if there is music playing more than likely dancing will take place. I have a heart for ministry which is not what I expected when i graduated from college with a degree in Communications.