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Keegan McGarry

Name: Keegan McGarry

Hometown: Woodstock, GA

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Year: 4th year

Patron Saint: Saint Patrick


Bio:  Although the Catholic Center was not the deciding factor, and to be honest, not even a major reason why I chose to attend Georgia Tech, I can see now just how great a blessing being a part of the Catholic community here has been for me. Fostering one’s faith in a secular college environment can often be a challenge, but since getting involved at the Catholic Center I have formed lasting, Christ-centered relationships and have taken advantage of the many available opportunities to serve those in need, learn more about my faith, and grow in holiness. I can sincerely say that getting involved here has been one of the best, if not the best, decisions I’ve ever made.

I am honored to be leading the Catholic Student Organization (CSO) board this year as we continue to grow, both as a community as the Body of Christ and as individuals growing in our love of Jesus. I ask that you pray to our CSO patron, Our Lady of the Rosary, that in our leadership at the Catholic Center, the CSO board may allow our Blessed Mother to guide the Catholic community, as well as the entire campus community at large, closer to Christ.

Our Lady of the Rosary, Pray for Us!