MacKenzie Gignilliat

Major: Biology

Hometown: Marietta, GA

Year: 4th

Patron Saint: St. Therese of Lisieux

Hi! My name is MacKenzie Gignilliat and I’m very excited to serve as the Faith Formation Chair at the Catholic Center. The Catholic Center has been a 2nd home to me since my first semester here and I am so thankful for the amazing community and all the ways the Catholic Center has helped me grow in my faith. I became involved at the CC through attending bible studies run by our FOCUS missionaries, coming to events at the Catholic Center and just hanging around to do homework and talk. I then became more involved by serving as a mass captain and working on the apologetics and RCIA team. Outside of the CC, I do a VIP program called Evolutionary Mechanics and enjoy reading, and baking. I was on the track team my first two years at Tech and love trying new sports and activities. I have a passion for theology and the Catholic faith and am always down for a fun conversation about the faith. I’m very excited for this new year and can’t wait to give back to this wonderful community!