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Juliana Alfonso

Name: Juliana Alfonso

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Major: Psychology

Year: 2nd

Patron Saint: Bl. Alexandrina Maria Da Costa

Bio: I grew up in a Cuban-Italian family in Tampa, FL, that raised me to push myself in whatever direction I felt compelled to do so. Though I thought that I would become an engineer or an architect, to follow in the family footsteps, I have found through my time at Georgia Tech, that neither of these are the path for me. Coming to Tech, though I was reluctant to even apply at first, was truly God’s and was the best decision I have made in my life. The Catholic Center at Georgia Tech and the family that I have found in it, have helped me to grow stronger and deeper in my faith than I ever have before. The personal and spiritual growth that I have experienced has allowed me to better understand my gifts and talents and discern the plan God has for my life, which is not to become an engineer or an architect, but rather to study the unique and complicated human person, through a degree in Psychology and to help others become the best-version of themselves.

In addition to my involvement at the Catholic Center, I am also a TA for GT1000, the freshmen introduction class to Georgia Tech and a co-PI on the Effective Team Dynamics project through the Georgia Tech Initiative: Creating the NEXT in Education. Additionally, I am in the process of becoming a certified Strengths Coach through the Gallup Strengths Center, which provides resources for personal development through positive psychology.