Noah Pilz

Hometown: Grayson, GA

Patron Saint: St. Anthony of Padua

Hey, nice to see ya there! My name’s Noah and I’m the leader of the young professionals group here at the Catholic Center. I graduated from Tech with a bachelor’s in computer engineering, and I have mainly the Catholic Center, its supportive community, and the grace of God to thank for finally “getting out.”  

During my time at Tech I enjoyed exploring rooftops, programming microcontrollers, playing in the Georgia Tech Chamber Orchestra, swing dancing, and participating in CREATE-X. 

But if you ask me, the best kept secret here is that graduating needn’t be the end of your time at the Catholic Center. I thank God I’ve been given the opportunity to lead our Grad/YoPro group along with my good friend Francis Fish. You can often find us hiking along the beautiful Georgia trails, packing food for the Atlanta homeless community, or discussing the best pickling techniques. 

That’s just a bit about me, but it’d be great to get to know you. Come on by the CC and I can make you a killer hot chocolate sometime.