Rachel Millsaps

Hometown: Knoxville, TN (Go Vols!)
Major:  Industrial Engineering
Year:  4th
Patron Saint: Saint Teresa of Avila

Bio:  Hey y’all I’m Rachel! During the second semester of my Freshman Year, by the grace of God I decided to sign up for RCIA because I had not gotten the Sacrament of Confirmation yet. That one yes to God changed my life as I realized God wanted an intimate relationship with me- and not just have me go through the motions every Sunday. I met my best friends through the RCIA program, and I am extremely grateful for the Catholic Center for giving me my home away from home. A little bit about myself: In my free time I like to play with dogs, watch Netflix, hang out with friends, and eat food! When I’m not doing those those things I am at the Catholic Center in Adoration, doing homework, or just hanging out. If you see me around the CC please say hey!