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Shannon Murray

Name: Shannon Murray

Hometown: Grayson, GA

Major: Economics

Year: 4th

Patron Saint: St. Teresa of Calcutta

Bio: I grew up attending Tech football games followed by the Vigil Mass at the Catholic Center. With a childhood like that it only makes sense that Georgia Tech was my only choice for school and that the Catholic Center would be my home on campus. It has been the stable center in my life as I’ve reached my third and hopefully final major as a Tech student.

Since my first year at Tech serving on Faith Formation teams to leading a Faith Formation class and most recently serving as a Tailgate Coordinator bringing back in my love for Yellow Jackets Football, I have grown in my passion for learning about the Catholic Faith and for being a part of and serving this wonderful community that we have, centered on Faith in the center of campus.

St. Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us!