Todd Goehmann

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Hometown: Buford, GA

Year: 4th

Patron Saint: St. Pius X

Hey y’all, I’m Todd, and I feel very blessed to be serving the GTCC as Treasurer of the 2022 CSO Board! I became involved with the Catholic Center my sophomore year through Apologetics and my Bible study, where I am proud to say I found some of my best friends. Since then, I have started leading classes for RCIA and apologetics and have developed a deep love for helping people to grow in The Faith. One of my favorite memories of the Catholic Center was during the Easter Vigil of 2021, when we were sitting in the dark for some time listening to scripture readings and then seeing the lights get turned on throughout the church all at once felt incredibly transformational. We’re all here for a purpose, and even though much of life might feel like stumbling through darkness, we’re called to trust in God and his plan for us, and seeing the light all at once in the Church reminded me that He is always there with us along the journey, even when we may not think so. Between classes, you can usually find me cooped up in the CC basement working on assignments that should’ve been done the night before or chatting about random things with my friends. I’m looking forward to another great year with you all!