Marianna Godfrey

Major: Architecture

Hometown: Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Year: 4th

Patron Saint: St. Catherine of Siena

Hi there! My name is Marianna Godfrey, and I am so excited to be the Catholic Student Organization Vice President. It is an honor to serve this awesome community! My first memory at the Catholic Center was attending my first High Mass, which to my surprise was in Latin. What immediately struck me about the CC was how kind and courteous everyone was. Since then, I have become more involved through bible studies and serving at Mass. The Catholic Center is truly a special place that has allowed me to grow in my faith. Outside of the CC, I enjoy spending time with family, hiking, and getting brunch. If you have any good breakfast/brunch recommendations nearby, I’d love to hear them! I’m looking forward to the year ahead and serving the community that has given so much to me