William Rose

Hometown: Cumming, GA
Major: Computer Engineering
Year:  3rd year
Patron Saint: Saint John the Apostle

Bio:  Hi! My name is William Rose and I’m the Treasurer for the Georgia Tech Catholic Center. One of my favorite things to do is play soccer, especially on the Catholic Center’s intramural team. I also love to watch soccer. I used to be a diehard Real Madrid fan until my favorite player Cristiano Ronaldo left for Juventus, my new favorite team. I also enjoy watching football and I’m patiently waiting for the day when Georgia Tech or the Saints finally show they’re the best. Another interest of mine is learning about new technology, like augmented reality which I’ve been watching develop over the years. Overall, my biggest interest is talking about these things, so if you see me and like any of these things, make sure to bring them up with me!