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Catholic Feminism [Part 2] (Podcast Episode 219)

Casie and Ana return to once again discuss Catholic feminism with Fr. Josh. Is the Catholic Church anti-woman? What does it even mean to be pro-woman? How do we better discuss the role of women in the Church in a secular world? St. John Vianney, pray for us.

St. Peter (Podcast Episode 218)

Can you smell what the Rock is cookin’‽ We’e got a shorter one this week. Laura joins Fr. Josh and Anthony for a casual discussion about St. Peter. The three of them go through a few events in St. Peter’s life and discuss their own perspective on them and what we can gain from them. […]

Are You Saved? (Podcast Episode 217)

Well, are you? Fr. Josh and Anthony welcome Jared Kleinwaechter to the podcast for the first time to discuss the notion of “once saved, always saved.” What does that mean to a Catholic and why is St. Paul so confusing in his language? Also, if anyone knows the Rite of Blessing of a white board […]

Conquering Pornography (Podcast Episode 216)

Whew. This one’s a doozy folks. Fr Josh, Anthony, and Casie sit down to talk about a complicated, somewhat personal, and difficult topic: pornography. The very long discussion focuses mainly on overcoming pornography and personal experience with regards to that, as well as pointing people toward resources that can help. “Blessed are the pure in […]

Triduum 2017: Homilies

A triple-whammy of homilies today, the three from this years Paschal Triduum! Holy Thursday and the Easter Vigil are from our chaplain Fr. Josh, and Good Friday is from Fr. Michael Silloway. Enjoy! Regular podcast episode will be up tomorrow as scheduled. Triduum 2017: Homilies

The Cardinal Virtues: Fortitude (Podcast Episode 215)

We’re back! After a lengthy hiatus we have returned with regular podcast episodes, now outfitted with fancy new equipment! In today’s episode, Fr. Josh, Casie and Anthony discuss the cardinal virtue of fortitude. What is it and how can we grow it? It’s not just for martyrs! St John Vianney, pray for us.

Special Topic: Signs and Symbols of the Triduum

Not a podcast this week (I know you’re all dying to get back to them), but Fr. Josh’s talk on the the Triduum. He discusses the signs and symbols of the holiest time of the year, and talks an inordinate amount about the Harrowing of Hell. Enjoy!

The Four Marks of the Church (Podcast Episode 214)

“This is kinda one of our more informative…stuff about the Catholic Church and our faith kinda podcasts.” That was the intention at least. Today Fr. Josh and Anthony are joined by Alex and Shannon to discuss the Four Marks of the Church- one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. However, they struggle to define what the “Church” […]

Fasting (Podcast Episode 213)

It’s Ash Wednesday, time to start fasting! Fr. Josh and Anthony welcome back Alex Tatum, and first time podcaster Shannon Murray. We’re talking about fasting and abstinence, and the reasons behind Catholic fasts. I know you’re listening Aunt Carol, and you will never woo us with your delicious pot roasts on Friday, temptress.

The Crusades (Podcast Episode 212)

Hold up your sword and strap on your armor good Christian soldier, Alex and Anthony are leading a crusade to the Holy Land. In this episode they discuss the history behind the crusades and try to clear up some common misconceptions. Deus vult!